MBA Internships – Summer 2023

MBA Internships - Summer 2023

‘=== APPLECARE ===Contact Center Operations: Optimizes the latest technologies and strategies to support the business and operational needs with tactical support to provide Apple customers. Monitor service level and contact center volumes as well as direct strategic Apple care business goals.

Field Service Channel Manager: Ensures high customer satisfaction and lowers operational cost by reengineering processes and policies. Influence Apple Authorized Service Providers and mobile carriers to craft premium service programs that support business objectives and Apple’s customers worldwide.

Global Repair Center: Own the operations of the growing network of Apple repair centers around the world in the rapidly growing AppleCare reverse supply chain to handle complex repairs.

Online/Digital Support & Service: Crafts compelling digital content solutions to improve the Apple customer experience, support the Advisor population to develop solutions to answer customer questions, inspire learning, and connect customers to the repair with assisted support. Brings innovative self-solve learning solutions to customers on the web, through an application on a device, on social platforms, search optimization, and machine learning.

Procurement: Manages AppleCare’s OEM supplier’s relationship, sourcing optimization, early engagement for repair strategy development, post-production planning including costs, continuity of supply, and capacity planning activities.

Reporting & Analytics: Harnesses the vast amount of data relating to AppleCare’s business to make strategic recommendations and share insights about ongoing operations. Translating business needs into analytical requirements using advanced quantitative analysis.

Supply Chain Management: Build and run AppleCare’s Global Reverse Supply Chains, through optimization of forecasting. Analyze and calculate new buy planning, repair planning, inventory management, purchasing, warranty redemption, and project management.


Manufacturing Design – Global Supply Manager:

Responsible for the commercial relationship with our enclosure manufacturing partners for cost negotiations, risk management, driving operational and cost efficiencies through process or design change, as well overall project execution. You sit at the intersection of business activities and engineering communities, and efficiently and effectively balance the needs of both groups to ensure successful product launches.

Enclosure components (such as the housing, cover glass, and buttons) define the look, feel, and expression of our globally-recognized industrial and product design. GSMs work in concert with operations supply quality and base engineers as well as Apple’s Product Design and Industrial Design teams. Together, these teams execute and scale both new and existing manufacturing processes, materials, technologies, finishes, and form factors.


Operations Program Manager:

As an OPM, you will work with our New Product Introduction (“NPI”) or Sustaining Operations teams on component & ramp readiness, product launch & ramp through ‘end of life’ programs. Run the product manufacturability, testability, and responsiveness in pursuit of low cost and maximum flexibility while stewarding the highest standards of product quality expected of Apple’s products.

A successful OPM excels in program/project management; communicates with ease at all levels; is adept at facilitating actions and resolving conflicts; manages through relationships and influence; and brings calm and control to even the highest-intensity projects.

Product Quality Manager (PQM)

PQMs lead the final quality of the completed product and are leaders within the operations technical team during product development and production. You are responsible for driving Apple’s highest of quality standards while ensuring the team delivers on operational metrics for UPH and yield. PQMs are the critical link between engineering and operations and a successful PQM will be able to address technical issues while understanding and effectively communicating the larger business impact.

You will ensure operational technical readiness for all phases of the introduction cycle, including driving contract manufacturer preparation, validations, and product transfers. Finally, as a key driver of leading-edge operational innovations you lead development and implementation of new technologies to enhance production quality, capacity, and efficiency.


Global Supply Manager:

You will interface between Apple and the industries that supply core component technologies. In this role, you are responsible for developing and executing sourcing strategies as well as recommending product innovations based on improving technology. This position requires an interest in market dynamics and competitive behavior, negotiation and pricing, manufacturing processes, and risk mitigation.

Operations Product Development (OPD)

The OPD team serves as the “one-stop shop” to advise the development teams on operational, cost, and supply chain issues. Operations Product Managers understand key technologies from a cost, supply chain, and technical perspective, manage product cost based on targets, partner closely with GSMs to meet these targets, and develop the Supplier Plan of Record for each new product.

Materials Program Manager (MPM)

MPMs influence and run supply chain activities by working directly with these partners to optimize supply constraints in light of demand priorities, factory capacity, logistics requirements, quality challenges, and materials flow throughout Apple’s multi-tier supply chain. MPMs lead supply availability throughout the entire product life cycle ensuring supply optimization and minimizing excess and obsolete inventory.


Supply Demand Management (role: Supply Demand Planner):

In SDM, you will hold a critical role in Apple’s multi-billion dollar supply chain decisions by forecasting product demand, analyzing production needs, allocating global supply across all channels of distribution and influencing quarterly sales projections used in guidance to Wall Street. Your job will require you to collaborate and influence across many key groups within Apple all in an effort to both set the strategy and drive the execution of products across Apple’s global supply chain.

Business Process Re-engineering (role: BPR Project Manager):

In BPR, you will lead sophisticated, global initiatives to define, build, and roll out innovative technology and business process solutions that increase efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and challenge the status quo. You will define and build capabilities that provide deep business insight, enable rapid decision-making, and drive automation of evolving business processes.


As a member of our Product Marketing group, you’ll shepherd a product’s positioning from concept through development and launch, to give it the best chance of success in the market. You’ll apply customer insights to help infuse ideas for groundbreaking features into our product-development process. Together with our team, you’ll work to craft groundbreaking ideas into tangible products that excite the world!

At Apple, we combine product management and product marketing responsibilities into a single, cross functional Product Management role. We collaborate with design, engineering, finance, legal, marketing communications, public relations, market research, sales and support for maximum impact across the organization.

– Ability to toggle between strategic and detail-orientated thinking
– Tenacious problem solving & issue resolution skills
– Ability to influence across multiple functional teams
– Flexibility to adapt to dynamic and rapidly changing environments
– Possess advanced analytical skills
– Communicate clearly and concisely
– Be enthusiastic about working through ambiguity
– Have the capability to dive deep into complex detail and emerge with clear strategies/plans
– Have a passion for the customer experience

Currently pursuing MBA or Master’s Degree in Supply Chain, Engineering, Operations Management, or related field.

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